This portion of our website is devoted to you – our referring physicians – and offers valuable information and resources for you to use when making a decision on behalf of your client.

We understand that our physicians are discerning and intentional when it comes to choosing qualifying partnerships for outpatient care. To us, your referral is a vote of confidence and trust in the quality of our relationship, and we are committed to earning that trust each and every day.

From the immaculate cleanliness of our facilities to the constant improvement of our technologies to the professionalism and attentiveness of our experienced staff, we remain dedicated to cultivating the all-important circle of trust that exists between physician, patient, and care center.

We hold our facilities, our technologies, and our staff to the highest of standards with a constant focus on continuous improvement in all areas because we believe in the value of a premium-quality experience for both physician and patient alike.

We continue to meet and strive for excellence in the following areas:

  • General Environment
  • Operating Room Environment, Policy & Procedures
  • Recovery Room Environment, Policy & Procedures
  • Quality Assessment / Quality Improvement
  • General Safety Throughout the Facility
  • Equipment & Instrumentation
  • Blood and Medications
  • Medical Records
  • Governance
  • Anesthesia
  • Personnel


Providing a convenient, dependable, and enjoyable experience for our physicians and our guests has remained a foremost priority for us from the start. But providing an environment in which our physicians can feel at home holds a special sort of priority. We know we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you and so we’ve built in a number of exclusive benefits as our way of saying thanks. Learn more about them below.

Dictation Rooms

Our physicians enjoy spa-quality treatment from start to finish. Of course, this includes beverages, snacks, access to WIFI, charging stations and more. But it also includes exclusive access to our Physician Dictation Rooms: a concept designed by a physician for physicians.

Our Dictation Rooms provide a quiet, private space for you to plan your day, meet with families, chart & dictate, or simply just relax.

Equipment Consultation & Review

While it is true that we have applied a great deal of attention to supplying the very best equipment for our physicians, what’s more important to note here is that we actually consult with and review specific instrumentation and implant options with our physicians in order to ensure optimal surgical outcomes.

We see this as an important means of cultivating the partnerships that mean so much to us. In the end, you are the experts and we are here to serve you in support of your valuable work.

The Accreditation Program

Trusted Care Surgery Centers are Arizona State Certified. The Arizona Department of Health Services is responsible for overseeing the quality of healthcare facilities by ensuring that all facilities comply with state laws and regulations.

Special Notice for Physician Partners

Professionalism, cleanliness, and safety constitute our guiding concerns. It is this very attention to detail that has earned our centers a reputation as having what may be considered the Gold Standard among ambulatory surgery facilities.

We recognize, however, that the medical and outpatient landscape is ever-evolving due to advances in technology and shifting legislative guidelines. As a result, we remain dedicated to continually improving in all areas of service, both to our patients and to you.